Used Bentley GTC for Sale in West Palm Beach FL

Used Bentley GTC for Sale in West Palm Beach FL
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Used Bentley GTC Overview

Since the first Bentley Continental GTC was introduced to elite drivers in Florida and beyond in 2003, this prestigious grand tourer has been a force to contend with on the road. Available in both a two-door fastback coupe and a two-door convertible body style, the GTC embraces elegance while delivering a command performance. As you search for a used Bentley GTC for sale in West Palm Beach, you should be aware that this luxury car has evolved through three generations and has offered several special editions as well. Marino Performance Motors is honored to be your reliable and trusted source for assistance with your purchase, and our supportive associates serving West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale Boca Raton Florida will assist with your selection of your used Bentley GTC.

The First-Generation Bentley GTC: 2003 to 2011

If your search for a pre-owned Bentley GTC leads you to the model’s first generation, you can appreciate the car’s prestigious styling and powerful capabilities. The look is established by a confidently defined hood that stretches toward an angled nose. The laced-mesh grille and the quad headlights are angled as well. The roof has fastback-like styling, and the sides are dressed with crisp, slanted creases and richly sculpted fenders at the rear. Under its hood, the used Bentley GTC features a 12-cylinder, twin-turbo engine with Torsen all-wheel drive, and this system offers 552 horsepower. Throughout the cabin, you will find fine touches, such as a Breitling clock, plush carpet and five available types of wood trim.

The Second-Generation Bentley GTC: 2011 to 2018

If you are in the market for a more recent version of a used Bentley GTC for sale in West Palm Beach, the model’s second generation may be of interest. The second generation has a sleek, reshaped façade with a less dramatic angle through the nose and metallic accents lining the entire lower perimeter. Across the sides, an accent line that rounds over the front fender trends across the otherwise smooth doors. The rear fender continues to be molded with stronger protrusion. You may find two powertrain options if you choose a second-generation version of the used Bentley GTC. One powertrain is a twin-turbo V8 system that produces 500 horsepower. The 12-cylinder engine that was offered in the first generation continues to be available, and it has been fine-tuned to generate 616 horsepower. Depending on the specific model year and edition selected, this generation’s GTC may also come with a sport suspension, a sport exhaust, anti-roll bars and other mechanical upgrades.

The Third-Generation Bentley GTC: 2018 to the Present

The third-generation Bentley GTC is designed to take your time on the road to new heights. As the current generation, a used Bentley GTC for sale in West Palm Beach from 2018 or a more recent model year can give you a like-new driving experience. These Bentley GTCs have the most modern body style, which features a decadent swoop over the hood, a reshaped front bumper and two different lamp sizes for the quad headlight system. Near the front fender, a bold, chrome element flows into the metallic accent bar. The strong yet elegant molding over the rear fender has also been redesigned. The Bentley GTC offers both V8 and 12-cylinder powertrains, and their capabilities have been enhanced since the preceding generation. The V8 engine now delivers 542 horsepower, and the 12-cylinder engine’s output is bumped up to 650 horsepower.

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